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Jody Katz

Junior Partner

"It is an immense honour to one day be able to carry on my dads legacy with all of our clients. Until then I learn every day from him, while ensuring our clients are happy and taken care of. He has always taught me be good to others in this world, and always give back. Not only is he my mentor, but he is also my dad. Maybe one day this company will become a third generation family business, with one of his grand children coming in to run it as well."

Jody has a competitive athletics background, playing and coaching hockey at the highest levels of the game over her career. Jody decided to leave the world of athletics 15 years ago, and immediately started working part-time at Exactlynow to begin learning the business of lawyers finances and the Law Society of Ontario.

In addition to working part time in the business, Carl encouraged and wanted Jody to go into the world of business and work for other people as well to continue to grow professionally. Jody quickly built herself a name in the CPG world of sales and analytics, growing into a Director of Sales for two North American companies over the years. Jody much like Carl is an entrepeneur at heart, building a math tutoring business from scratch helping people pass the police entrance test. Jody's drive to succeed and desire to always grow is far above average. Jody's knowledge of numbers, and analytics has always been above average and will serve her well in legal bookkeeping.

Jody is now full-time in the business, and looking forward to the coming years. In her spare time, she loves taking her goldendoodle puppy to the park, and spending time with her five nieces and nephews.


Jody Katz
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