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Do you ever find the year-end reports you receive from your law firm clients to be confusing and inaccurate? 


Exactlynow is  happy to assist you and your client with any outstanding issues.

This can be a one-time occurrence to get the firm back on track financially and the year end closed in good order, or we can continue to work with the client moving forward if they believe our services were beneficial. 

Our one-time assistance always carries with it, a no obligation clause for further services.

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PCLaw / Soluno / Cosmolex are Law Firm practice management platforms used by over 20,000 law firms across Ontario. All of them have has specific methods for the handling of receipts, payments and journal entries. If these methods are not used, reports generated will be incorrect.


As an example, the accounts receivable or HST report may not match with the ledger account balance. The bank account balances could be off as well. Exactlynow is here to help when these errors occur. We can correct these errors and teach legal office staff how to avoid future problems.


Exactlynow would be happy to assist you and your law firm client with any outstanding issues. This can be a one-off clean-up to get the firm back on track and in Law Society of Ontario compliance. The client is welcome to request additional assistance, but there is no obligation to do so.

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