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Law Firm Bookkeeping in Ontario

Exactlynow is a premier family run boutique law firm bookkeeping company in Ontario. Bookkeeping for law firms is a unique and specialized service as the Law Society of Ontario has very specific practices lawyers must follow with regards to their accounting. We provide comprehensive legal bookkeeping services for sole practitioners, partnerships and small to medium sized law and paralegal firms in Ontario.


Our bookkeeping for law firm services includes everything from monthly reconciliations of trust and general accounts, invoicing for clients, Law Society of Ontario reporting and government filings, payroll for the firm and practice management software training and migration. We are fluent working with all the major practice management softwares including but not limited to PcLaw, Soluno, Cosmolex, Clio, Practice Panther & ULaw Practice. We know lawyers want to be lawyers, and they don’t want to be accountants. We support this and allow lawyers to focus on their strengths helping their clients, while we ensure their practice is being compliant with LSO regulations and achieving maximum profitability.


As a law firm bookkeeper, Carl and Jody specialize in LSO Spot Audits in Ontario. They have helped numerous clients in trouble with the LSO fix their books and maintain their books moving forward so their next audit is a positive review. Our bookkeeping for law firm services are customized to each of our clients, and the needs they have from us on an on-going basis. We help law firms be as profitable as possible, while ensuring our clients sleep well at night.


We offer comprehensive support to law firms throughout the entire audit process – whether it's before, during, or after. Regardless of the stage you find yourself in, feel free to reach out to us without hesitation. Recognizing the urgency often associated with audits, our team is available around the clock. With a swift turnaround, we can swiftly analyze key reports, providing you with a holistic overview of the necessary steps to bring your records up to date and ensure compliance. This is what makes our bookkeeping for lawyers very different than most. This is all we do, is work with lawyers in Ontario.


We distinguish ourselves as a unique firm specializing in bookkeeping for law firms in Ontario, where both Carl and Jody actively engage with all client files. This collaborative approach ensures seamless continuity in our services, eliminating downtime even when one of us is away or unavailable. Our firm stands out with this operational advantage, complemented by our unwavering commitment to treating each client's business as if it were our own. At Exactlynow, we eschew treating clients as mere numbers; instead, we foster close connections by engaging in regular communication, considering our clients as integral members of our professional family. We are resolute in our belief that their success is synonymous with ours, and we pledge to provide unwavering support tailored to their unique needs.

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